Nashville Plastic Surgery Testimonials

At MAXWELL AESTHETICS, our focus is on providing world-class patient care that not only incorporates some of today’s most cutting-edge techniques, but also helps meets the needs of each of our Nashville plastic surgery patients in unique ways. Trusted by patients around the world, Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka take pride in their reputation and their results. Read on for testimonials from our patients.

My experience with Dr. Unger and his staff at Maxwell Aesthetics is one that needs to be shared, especially to those who are searching for a plastic surgeon. I feel that my post will not service justice the highest level of care I received during my surgery and recovery of my breast augmentation/mastopexy. When I first met Dr. Unger during my initial consultation, he greeted me with his warm personality and made me feel as if I were the only patient at the moment. I was initially hesitant to schedule a consultation to have reconstruction, but a close friend of mine shared her experience of her breast augmentation by Dr. Unger. I knew finding a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon was my highest priority due to my significant breast asymmetry. Dr. Unger listened to my concerns and insecurities. He reassured me and went into great detail to educate me on the implants, mastopexy, surgery process, and recovery period. He never made me feel rushed. Three months later, I arrived to his top-of-the-line office to have my procedure where I was under the care of Dr. Unger, Mark (CRNA), and other wonderful nurses. The staff was extremely welcoming and supportive. There was never a moment I felt nervous or hesistant because I knew I chose the best surgeon in the United States. My recovery period was painless and my results are unbelievable. Since my surgery, I have a confidence about my body that I can not explain. If you want a surgeon that you can trust and will deliver the results he promises, then look no further.

–A.B. (July 2020)

As a professional woman in my sixties, I was a bit afraid that the results of a facelift might be too unnatural. With Dr. Unger’s caring approach I could not be happier with the results of my surgery. I’m always happy to share his name with my friends and have renewed confidence in feeling and looking my best!


Dr. Amaka is one of the best doctors I have ever come across. She does not just care about what she needs to do for you medically, but she cares about you as a whole person. Ever visit the first thing she asks is “so how are things” she spends time with you, talks to you about your concerns and everything. Most doctors these days are in and out of the room in five minutes but not Dr. Akama. I have been working with her for almost a year, she has helped me shed my skin after 170 pound weight loss from a gastric sleeve. During this time she has given me a confidence you can not buy in the store and that I as a woman never had. She has opened my eyes to see life a while new way. I’m so excited to see her go on to bigger and better things as she leaves Houston, but so sad to see her go! I can never thank you enough for the life you have given me. Not only are you an amazing doctor but a very good friend!

–Caitlyn Gurecky

Nashville Plastic Surgery Testimonials
Nashville Plastic Surgery Testimonials

I never liked how my nose looked especially in photos but I was always nervous that a “nose job” would change my appearance to a “plastic look”. I am so happy I finally got up the courage. I can confidently say I am thrilled I made the decision to move forward with the procedure. I breathe better and now love how I look in pictures all thanks to Dr. Unger!


I work out all the time, but certain areas never responded the way I would like. I decided to get liposuction to my flanks and thighs to give me the shape and proportions I was trying to achieve. I am so happy with my results and can’t wait to wear my new bikinis! My result is natural and fits my frame perfectly!


I had my first Liposuction surgery (laser) back in April 2017. Unfortunately the results did not look like I hoped they would have. Then I decided to have liposuction (traditional/non-laser) for the 2nd time in May 2019. I met Dr. Amaka back in March or April 2019 for the consultation and she was everything amazing and then some. She listened to my needs and wants, as well as respectfully gave her recommendations on how she and her team would go about the procedure which I was all in on. As I mentioned, she listens, she is caring, attentive, professional, cheerful, and confident. And it’s safe to say you need someone with confidence who is doing surgery on any part of your body. She maintained the same consistency caring for me pre, during and post surgery. She did mention that the 2nd liposuction is a lot harder on you when it comes to recovery and she was right. I was in heavy pain for some weeks, but the heavy pain eventually wore off. I’m not sure how many surgeons make it their business to see you 2-3 times post surgery, but Dr. Amaka has, and I don’t think she knows how much that means to me. It’s really nice to know that your hard earn money is going towards something you wanted to do with someone you completely believe in. Oh yes…..THE RESULTS???? I see a big difference and its only 3 months post!!! Mannnnnnnn, she has me wearing dresses and buying dresses that I did not think I could pull off. A few days ago, I was able to buy a dress size “Small” at the Gap outlet!! Before I met Dr. Amaka, I knew where my lane was, and that lane was larges. I LOVE looking in the mirror now when I put on clothes. I’m not sure more I can say about this woman, other than not all heroes wear capes, they were scrubs.

–Tonya B

I had been living in Aspen for a number of years, and had heard about “The Wonderful Dr. Pat Maxwell” from two of my friends. He had done a facelift on one, and an incredible breast reconstruction on another, but I was reluctant to travel to Nashville, Tennessee to have work done.

When the time came for a tummy tuck and breast lift I decided on a surgeon that practiced in Manhattan and New Jersey, as I was living there at the time. He appeared on television and several magazines including “New York’s Best Doctors.” All I can say is that my husband and I were very disappointed with the results.

Several months later our paths crossed with that of Dr. and Mrs. Pat Maxwell when we were all skiing in St. Moritz. I spoke with him about our concerns and had a consultation. Eight months later I flew to Nashville and he re-did my tummy tuck and breast lift. The results were wonderful. I really had no pain due to the new technology Dr. Maxwell uses. I stayed two nights in the hospital and another five days at a local hotel, just walking distance to Dr.’s office.

I was so happy with the work that after another eight months, I returned for a facelift, eyes and skin peel. Again I was thrilled with the results. I am not “overdone.” Dr. Maxwell gave me the youthful, fresh look that we all want. Need I say more?

–G.S., Aspen, Colorado

Words cannot express how thrilled I am with my facelift.

You are truly an artist. Your staff was kind, the hospital provided me the best care, and the hotel with its private duty nurse was superb. My result was beyond my hopes.

–Elsa, Berlin, Germany

Nashville Plastic Surgery Testimonials
Nashville Plastic Surgery Testimonials

After having had two breast operations on the West Coast, I was referred to Dr. Maxwell in Nashville because I was told he was the best breast surgeon in the world. I would have never thought I could have beautiful breasts again but Dr. Maxwell exceeded my expectations. Now I know why he is so well regarded in breast aesthetics. I just wish I had known sooner.

–M.M., Beverly Hills, California

To say that Dr. Amaka is an excellent doctor is an understatement. She answered all questions I had before and after my surgery. Her bedside manners are by far the best I’ve had. I felt comfort and trust at every appointment and she responded very quickly whenever I had questions or concerns, even in the middle of the night! I am very satisfied with my results, which have made a positive impact in my life in general. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Amaka and would highly recommend her work to anyone!

–E.E., Mommy Makeover Patient, Houston, TX

Dearest Dr. Maxwell, Words cannot express my gratitude. You are truly an amazing person and have a wonderful artistic eye. I am blessed to have found you. Thank you for all that you do for women.

–Abigail, London, England

My doctor said Dr. Patrick Maxwell was the only one who could fix my breasts. After three operations, I was devastated. Dr. Maxwell performed a miracle. He made me whole, feminine, and beautiful. Ask anyone about Dr. Maxwell, he is the one!!

–S.C.S., Los Angeles, California

I wondered why my friends from Chicago went to Nashville for their plastic surgery. They went because of Dr. Maxwell, so I did too! His care, his skill, and his results are wonderful. I love my face and my skin has never looked better. The MAXWELL AESTHETICS staff is terrific. I will be back when I need more.

Thank you! –J.M.G., Chicago, Illinois

Dear Patrick

While I have forgotten to email you, I think of you whenever I look in the mirror and contemplate the wonder work you achieved on my eyes in October. Christopher, who I haven’t seen in months but with whom I spoke last week, tells me that he saw your name deservedly in the pages of W as the #1 plastic surgeon. Wow but not surprising! Thanks for everything, –M.H.