Visualize Results of Breast Augmentation in Nashville with New "Precision Light" 4-D Imaging

Internationally renowned board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. G. Patrick Maxwell has developed a new 4-D Imaging System to help patients and surgeons visualize breast size and shape during breast augmentation consultations.

Nashville, Tennessee (May 2010) – Prominent breast enhancement plastic surgeon Dr. Patrick Maxwell is once again raising the bar on cosmetic surgery results, with the help of a new “4-D” computer imaging system he developed to help patients plan surgeries. While the highly advanced system is currently available exclusively through his practice, MAXWELL AESTHETICS, Dr. Maxwell says the Precision Light system offers dramatic benefits for both patients and Nashville plastic surgeons, and will quickly establish new standards for cosmetic surgery planning nationwide.

“I’m very proud to be the first to offer my patients such a valuable tool,” says Dr. Maxwell. “Precision Light helps patients see their potential results ‘on their own body,’ but even more importantly it gives the surgeon important details about the patient’s anatomy. Already this device has been a tremendous asset to me and my patients.”

Like existing 3-D breast imaging systems, Precision Light uses multiple photographs and special software to create a 3-D image that previews possible results as they would look on the patient’s own body. However, unlike less sophisticated systems that preview different breast implants in Nashville, TN, Precision Light uses Dr. Maxwell’s advanced “biodimensional analysis” approach to take into account an immense range of important details ranging from the patient’s tissue quality to nipple position, asymmetry, and breast fullness. As a result, it provides a much more customized and precise image of a woman’s options.

“I created the system to evaluate breast shape very accurately, and very quickly,” explains Dr. Maxwell. “Biodimensional analysis, in various forms, is already the standard approach plastic surgeons all over the world use to assess patients’ existing shape, but with Precision Light patients get the benefit of that whole process in just one click.”

Because the system is so advanced, it can also accurately assess even complex cases like tuberous breast correction, and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. The system is designed to recognize even small, normal breast asymmetries very precisely, helping surgeons and their patients recognize when a certain technique for breast augmentation in Nashville will be necessary to correct natural variations and create a final result that appears balanced.

“From the patient’s perspective, this system is incredibly important because it lets them ‘see’ each option on their own body, and from a surgeon’s perspective, it’s invaluable because it helps ensure we have every last detail we need to create a beautiful outcome,” he says. “Together, those two factors make Precision Light a powerful tool for surgical planning.”

The Precision Light 4-D breast imaging system is already generating strong interest among both patients and surgeons across the country, and eventually will be available for individual plastic surgeons. For more information on the system, patients and surgeons can contact MAXWELL AESTHETICS at 615.932.7700.

Dr. Maxwell is a world authority in breast enhancement and has developed several key techniques and technologies during his career.

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