Dr. Maxwell's Vision

Being blessed with God-given artistic talents, I have always had an innate “good eye” regarding form and visualizing the capacity for, and implementation of, aesthetic change. Likewise, I dedicated myself to acquiring the plastic surgery training, skills, and experience to properly use these talents. This has been my life’s pleasure and passion.

Aesthetic enhancement, however, is only a part of the process. For, with experience and maturity, one gains a sense of priorities and proper respect for the importance of the needs and desires of every patient.

My goal at MAXWELL AESTHETICS is to offer you the most advanced evaluation and treatment options available anywhere in the world, whether surgical or non-surgical. In doing so, my goal is also to offer you the best experience in patient education, safety, privacy, comfort, concierge service, and aesthetic surgical outcomes.

To achieve these goals, I also rely on the excellent staff at MAXWELL AESTHETICS. I encourage you to meet them via the MAXWELL AESTHETICS Staff section of this website. They are dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring that all aspects of your experience are carried out with compassion and professionalism. I also encourage you to read the appropriate clinical informational sections of this website, and, if a breast patient, read Breast Beauty in its entirety. Ask questions, get answers, be comfortable in your choices, and take responsibility in your ongoing follow-up.

I have been privileged to be at the cutting edge of my field for 25 years since residency and have developed many of the techniques, operations, breast implants, and devices now embraced by Nashville plastic surgeons and doctors around the world. Many of these physicians I have personally taught as residents, fellows, in seminars, symposia, or surgical workshops. Living in this position requires personal responsibility on my part to evaluate these operations, devices, and techniques, and to determine which perform the best for a specific situation.

My pledge to you is to assist you in identifying the options best suited for you and determining the one that will fulfill your needs and desires and ultimately offer an optimal environment to achieve them.

It is a lofty goal, but it is my mission.

Patrick Maxwell

Patrick Maxwell