Breast Revision - Case #41

Breast Revision - Case #41 Frontal Before
Breast Revision - Case #41 Frontal After

Unhappy with her breast augmentation performed by a different surgeon, this patient came to Dr. Unger seeking a revision. She felt too big and uncomfortable in her own body. Because the implants were too large, she was bottomed out which stretched the distance from the bottom of her breast to the nipple. Dr. Unger was able to do a revision and tighten the breast pocker and reset the shape with much smaller implants, taking her from 350cc to 240cc silicone gel implants without cutting out any skin! He turned the extra skin back into the chest wall and then recreated the ideal breast shape for her. She loves her breasts now and how she feels they fit her frame and are the shape and size she always wanted!

* individual results may vary