Breast Reduction - Case #7

Breast Reduction - Case #7 Frontal Before
Breast Reduction - Case #7 Frontal After

Multiple physicians referred this patient to Dr. Jacob Unger of Maxwell Aesthetics for a breast reduction in Nashville. She has three bulging discs from a previous injury and had severe shoulder pain, shoulder grooving, back and neck pain, and severe intertriginous rashes due to her large breasts. Her BMI is only 21, as she is 5'7" and 135 pounds. She wanted to be as small as possible in the B-cup range, so Dr. Unger performed a superomedial pedicle to keep her small, as well as an inferior pedicle and made very thin flaps while pulling her laterally as much as possible. After surgery, she said she has never felt better or had a better quality of life.

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