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Rhinoplasty - dorsal hump and tip

Provider : Dr. Jacob Unger


Attractives faces are all about balance and proportion. With it’s position in the center of your face, your nose often becomes the focal point for this sense of aesthetic balance. That’s why even the most subtle changes can provide a significant boost to your overall appearance.
This young lady was unhappy with the angulation of her nasal tip and came in to my office hoping to subtly alter its shape with a rhinoplasty. She wanted to keep the changes minimal, so it was important to create a subtle, natural looking result. I was able to bring balance to the nose by softening her tip shape and minimally smoothing the dorsal hump.
After a brief post-operative healing period we were happy to see her self-confidence soaring as she proudly showed off the natural looking result she had always wanted.

*Individual patient results may vary