Liposuction - Case #22

Surgeon : Dr. Amaka Nwubah


This patient came to Dr. Amaka seeking liposuction 360. She desired an improvement in her shape and a reduction in the stubborn fat deposits over her abdomen and back. Dr. Amaka performed liposuction of the abdomen, back,bra-roll, flanks, waistline - also known as liposuction 360, on this patient and she is beyond thrilled with her results. Here is what she had to say about her experience: "She has me wearing dresses and buying dresses that I did not think I could pull off. A few days ago I was able to buy a dress size "Small" at the Gap outlet! Before I met Dr. Amaka, I knew where my lane was, and that lane was larges. I LOVE looking in the mirror now when I put on clothes."

*Individual patient results may vary