Facial Fat Grafting

Move Fat Cells to Where They Are Needed in Nashville, TN

With age, gravity, and due to genetics, there is loss of collagen and elastin, the face can lose its volume, and with relaxation of the muscle ligaments, the muscles and ligaments lose their tone as well. This causes a sunken in appearance to the face, and a lack of fullness and volume, leading to a chronic tired, aged appearance. Facial fat grafting at Nashville’s Maxwell Aesthetics is a very powerful facial surgery technique to combat this, transferring fat obtained from liposuction of an area of the body to different units of the face. This restores youthfulness to the face and gives it a refreshed look.

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Dr. Jacob Unger – Facial Fat Transfer

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What Makes a Good Facial Fat Grafting Candidate?

You are a good candidate for facial fat grafting if:

  • you don’t have too much skin laxity, but notice an overall loss of volume and a sunken appearance to your face
  • you are a young, middle-aged woman with early signs of aging and decreased volume, but good tone to the face
  • you are undergoing a facelift and wish to have more volume augmentation as well

Where Are Facial Fat Grafting Incisions Positioned?

Access incisions are tiny and made over the area being liposuctioned, as well as in hidden crevices of the face in order to access the areas of the face being grafted. The fat grafting sites heal in a scarless manner, as the access sites are made with a simple needle stick and do not require any stitches.

What is the Facial Fat Grafting Surgical Technique?

Facial fat grafting takes one to two hours. It can be done under local anesthesia in the office or under general anesthesia, according to patient preference. Fat is obtained from areas where you desire to rid fat, and is prepared and placed in strategic areas of the face in order to enhance its appearance and volume.

Facial Fat Grafting Recovery

We recommend patients be off of work for three to five days following the procedure. Bruising generally takes about five days to improve, while swelling takes a few months. It will be key to rest with your head elevated to help with swelling and bruising.

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