Eyelid Surgery in Nashville, TN (Blepharoplasty)

The eyes are the focus of your face, and when loose skin and wrinkles change the way you appear, they may hide your naturally vivid personality and make you look – and feel – less vibrant than you are. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) by Nashville plastic surgeons Dr. Patrick Maxwell and Dr. Unger can correct loose, puffy skin and fat, subtly tightening your eyelids for a restored and rejuvenated appearance.

Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka are dedicated to approaching each procedure with a full repertoire of proven, up-to-date techniques that blend traditional approaches with some of the most recent advances in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka’s strong aesthetic sense and years of surgical experience enable them to provide more comfortable procedures with little “downtime” and satisfyingly, natural-looking aesthetic results.

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*Actual Patient of Dr. Unger. Individual results may vary.

Eyelid Plastic Surgery Can:

  • Tighten and smooth loose, wrinkled eyelid tissues
  • Remove “puffy” fatty pockets either below or above the eye
  • Lift eyelid tissues so that they no longer hide the natural lid crease or impede vision
  • Create a more open, alert, and positive appearance

Planning Your Procedure

The eyes communicate your energy and emotion, so it is very important for you to select a plastic surgeon who offers the highest levels of precision in order to create a result that looks right for you. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka prioritize natural-looking results in each of their procedures, and will work with you to understand and meet your needs personally.

Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka will examine your facial tissues thoroughly and listen to your goals himself before you develop a plan together to create the changes most important to you. The techniques can correct eyelid surgery that results from aging and sun damage, genetic characteristics, or other factors, and they will be sure to explain your options clearly. Typically, eyelid surgery falls into one of two categories:

  • Upper eyelid surgery: Upper eyelid sagginess has a variety of causes, so Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka will assess you carefully before recommending a surgical plan customized for your needs. Typically, patients will require this procedure because loose excess skin obscures their sight and damages the balance and aesthetics of their appearance. In some cases, loose eyelid tissues are caused by low brows, and in this case Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka may recommend a brow lift instead of blepharoplasty, in order to target the cause of the problem more accurately.
  • Lower eyelid surgery: Most women and men naturally have a small fatty pocket at the lower eyelid, but for a variety of reasons in certain patients this fatty pocket is larger and more noticeable, creating under-eye “bags” that worsen a tired appearance. This procedure can be corrected in a small, relatively simple outpatient procedure, and is easily combined with other procedures such as facelift and injectable fillers.

Both types of eyelid surgery by Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka require only a small incision along the lash line or, in certain types of lower-eyelid surgery, a “scar-less” incision along the eyelid’s inner surface. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka have extensive experience in facial cosmetic surgery and take care to take a minimalistic approach in order to ensure healthy results and avoid removing excess tissue.

Eyelid Plastic Surgery and Results

Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger, Dr. Amaka and their friendly, extensively trained staff will meet with you before your surgery to answer your follow-up questions and ensure that you understand your recovery instructions fully. Your blepharoplasty will be performed as an outpatient procedure under either “twilight” or general anesthesia, in either MAXWELL AESTHETICS’ own, specially designed surgical suite, or at the Baptist Outpatient Center (Surgicare) only a few blocks away. For out-of-town patients, hotels are conveniently located within walking distance.

The surgery itself may take as little as half an hour, and most of Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka’s patients feel comfortable going out in public within days of their surgery. Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka are careful to use minimal approaches, so any incisions scars will be tiny and well-hidden, and recovery from this procedure is fast, although full healing may take a few weeks.

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