Facial Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Options for the Face, Neck, and More at Nashville’s Maxwell Aesthetics

In offering facial plastic surgery in the Nashville area, Dr. Patrick Maxwell, Dr. Jacob Unger and Dr. Amaka Nwubah strive every day to maintain their reputations as plastic surgeons committed to excellence in both results and patient safety. Their goal is to make each individual facial plastic surgery procedure a success—whether a face or neck lift, nose surgery, forehead lift, blepharoplasty, or ear surgery. Each surgery is tailored to the unique patient and driven by his or her personal aesthetic goals.

Recognized internationally for their achievements in new plastic surgery methodologies, Drs. Maxwell, Unger and Amaka offer highly popular facial plastic surgery procedures that help Nashville, TN, area patients to not only look better, but to enhance their self-confidence and quality of life. From ear surgery for a child to a mini facelift or full facial and neck rejuvenation surgeries for an adult, the surgeons at Maxwell Aesthetics utilize advanced techniques for truly satisfying results. Common goals for these facial plastic surgery procedures include reversing the unwanted effects of age, gravity, or sun damage; correcting problematic effects of genetic traits; restoring a better balance between various features; and enhancing the energy and vitality of the overall face.

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Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Unger perform numerous facial plastic surgery procedures, including:

Face / Neck Lift

As one of the first surgeons nationwide to recognize the value of new techniques that minimize scarring and recovery times, Dr. Maxwell established a full spectrum of face and neck lift procedures designed to restore youth and vigor to the face, while retaining the natural character and individuality of your features. Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka work from that same foundation, giving each facial plastic surgery patient results that reflect their unique characteristics while also accomplishing the intended rejuvenating effects. These lifts are some of the most frequently performed procedures at Maxwell Aesthetics.


Nose surgery, technically known as rhinoplasty, is a particularly complex procedure that requires surgeons with experience and skill—such as Drs. Maxwell, Unger and Amaka. Using specialized 3-D technology, they can create portraits that reveal the potential results of a unique nose-shaping procedure. This helps in the decision-making process, as well as improves patient confidence and reduces stress. The ultimate goal is not to radically change the look of a patient’s face, but to create proportions and contours that convey balance, harmony, and natural beauty. This facial plastic surgery can also help patients with breathing problems, since visual irregularities often indicate problems with internal structures.

Forehead Lift

Repetitive facial expressions can create “frown lines,” especially as the skin ages and loses its ability to remain smooth over time. This constant motion can also loosen skin, which lowers the brows and can give the whole face an unhappy, tired expression. A brow lift is a facial plastic surgery procedure that corrects this problem by lifting and tightening loose tissues to restore a more positive, alert appearance.


Both women and men trust Dr. Maxwell, Dr. Unger and Dr. Amaka’s customized approaches and high standards for surgical precision in eyelid surgery to tighten the loose tissues that can give the face a worn look and obscure your field of vision. This procedure can have both cosmetic and functional benefits, making it a versatile way to give patients a literal new outlook on life. There are techniques specific to the upper and lower lids, so details of this facial plastic surgery are best discussed at a consultation. Note that some patients opt to have surgery done on their forehead at the same time as their eyelids.

Ear Surgery

Appropriate for both children and adults, otoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure designed to correct or enhance the position of the ears and restore balance and proportion to the features. Great care is taken to ensure ideal results from the procedure, especially since younger patients can face heightened attention from their peers at school and elsewhere.

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