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Breast Aesthetics Nashville

Dr. Maxwell is an internationally renowned leader in Breast Aesthetics. He has worked with Allergan Medical for over 20 years in inventing, designing, or developing their entire line of breast implants. This has culminated in the Natrelle Collection, the world’s leading portfolio of silicone gel and saline breast implants.

While the Natrelle styles 10, 15, 20 and 110, 115, and 120 silicone-gel implants are FDA-approved, the most advanced Natrelle product, the 410 matrix of implants, is in its 7th year of FDA clinical trials, awaiting approval. Dr. Maxwell has worked with Allergan since 1995 in creating this “individualized” system of form-stable, cohesive gel, “Tear Drop” or anatomical-shaped implants. Known as the “Gummy Bear” implant, this implant system is considered the world’s most advanced in terms of aesthetic options, safety, and clinical outcomes. Dr. Maxwell, as an Allergan clinical investigator, is able to offer this option for breast implants to Nashville patients under approved protocols. Dr. Maxwell also heads the physician team developing the certification and training programs to allow other American surgeons in the proper use of the Gummy Bear implants.

With the availability of the Natrelle collection of silicone-gel breast implants, Nashville women and women all over America can now have the same options as women worldwide in making choices regarding enhancement of their own femininity. Dr. Maxwell’s individualized, “Biodimensional” approach to breast aesthetics offers a customized result to each individual patient. It is no wonder that Dr. Maxwell’s reputation for his talent, surgical skills and experience have led patients to him from across the country for both primary breast enhancement procedures and revisionary breast surgery.