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Women typically have tight, toned vaginal tissues in their youth—but this can change after childbirth and even the simple passage of time. Loss of elasticity causes tissues to stretch, which can make vaginal stimulation during intercourse more difficult. The problem can also contribute to stress incontinence, which causes small leakages of urine during activities that impact the body, such as jogging, jump-roping, laughing, and sneezing. Vaginoplasty at Nashville’s Maxwell Aesthetics is a surgical procedure designed to address these unwanted changes and more.

Dr. Amaka Nwubah performs cosmetic vaginoplasty as part of the vaginal rejuvenation offerings for women in Nashville, drawing on her experience, as well as her yearlong female genital aesthetics fellowship. As a female plastic surgeon, she blends her particular unique insight and perspective with her surgical skill to create results tailored to each woman seeking her help.

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What Does Vaginoplasty Involve?

For vaginoplasty surgery, Dr. Amaka uses specialized techniques to tighten lax vaginal tissues—including both the vaginal mucosa and the separated vaginal muscles—with a goal of restoring anatomy to look and feel more like it did before babies, hormonal shifts, loss of collagen, and other changes that happen over time. A vaginoplasty is almost always performed with a perineoplasty, which restores the external appearance to the vagina. A perineoplasty involves repair of the muscles along the entrance to the vagina, which helps with the “splayed open” look the region can have. While vaginoplasty and perineoplasty help with the overall appearance of the vaginal region, the procedures can also improve sexual satisfaction by increasing sensitivity. Women report being able to better feel their partner during vaginal intercourse, which can lead to an increase in intimacy. In addition, due to the overall tightening that happens with a vaginoplasty, women often report improvements in their urine leakage or incontinence.

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Cosmetic Vaginoplasty

*Actual Patient of Dr. Amaka. Individual results may vary.

Dr. Amaka commonly performs the vaginoplasty procedure in the Maxwell Aesthetics office with the patient under local anesthesia. By utilizing local blocks, patients do not feel the manipulation done in the area during surgery. The procedure may also be done in the operating room with general anesthesia for patients who prefer to do so. Procedure specifics depend on the preferences of the patient and surgical details, but the surgery usually lasts one to two hours. More complex vaginoplasties tend toward the longer duration, but patients are able to go home after their surgery, with no overnight stay required.

What Makes a Good Vaginoplasty Candidate?

The typical vaginoplasty patient has had one or more babies vaginally and wants to get their vaginal area working and looking more like it did in their more youthful days. Candidates for the procedure often want to address vaginal laxity, vulval sagging, leakage, diminished sexual satisfaction, and unwanted cosmetic changes.

It is important that women considering this procedure understand that it is not a fix for relationship problems. While vaginaoplasty can provide many benefits that improve sexual satisfaction and quality of life, the best candidates are those who want to choose the surgery for their own reasons, whether to restore confidence or personal self-esteem.

What Happens After Vaginoplasty?

Right after surgery, patients are encouraged to stay on modified bed rest for five days. A return to typical daily activities, including work, can happen about one to two weeks after the surgery—though more active women may need to take it easy for longer.

Heavy lifting or other activities that would strain the surgical area must be avoided for six weeks. Patients should also refrain from vaginal intercourse throughout this time to allow the area to heal properly. Pelvic rest is key for relieving discomfort, though medications can also help as desired.

Since the vaginal area is an area that typically heals from trauma particularly well, scars that result from a vaginoplasty will tend to be difficult to notice.

What Other Women’s Health Options Are Available?

Maxwell Aesthetics offers labiaplasty to reduce vaginal lip tissue and alter the inner and outer labia, as well as G-Spot enhancement that involves dermal filler injections to increase sensitivity in the area known for being especially receptive to sexual stimulation. Additional offerings include O-Spot enhancement, which involves collagen induction injections to increase sensitivity around the clitoral area, and labia fat grafting or filler in order to improve the deflation and appearance of the outer vaginal lip tissue.

Any of these treatments can be part of a larger Mommy Makeover, which may also include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck, or liposuction as desired.

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