Nashville Body Contouring

Dr. Patrick Maxwell and Dr. Unger offers several body contouring options including:

An internationally recognized leader in plastic surgery, Dr. Patrick Maxwell and Dr. Jacob Unger have extensive experience in Nashville body contouring plastic surgery for patients with many different needs. Their procedures range from liposuction to tummy tuck for mothers and advanced options in Nashville body contouring plastic surgery after weight loss. As a pioneer in new body contouring techniques, Dr. Maxwell is committed to helping you achieve the shape you want through proven, up-to-date approaches. Common goals for these procedures include:

  • Enhancing body contours after weight loss or pregnancy
  • Correcting family traits that give the body an imbalanced appearance
  • Revising the disappointing effects of another surgeon’s procedure(s)
  • Achieving the confidence that comes with a slimmer, proportional shape


Encompassing a full selection of the latest approaches, Dr. Maxwell and and Dr. Unger’s popular liposuction procedures effectively remove areas of diet-resistant fat from virtually any area of the body.

Tummy Tuck

Also called abdominoplasty, tummy tuck by Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Unger can flatten the upper and lower abdomen through careful tightening of overstretched muscles and precise removal of excess skin.

Body Lift

Encompassing a variety of approaches and options, Dr. Maxwell’s body lift procedures help patients improve their shape dramatically by correcting many of the unwelcome effects of rapid or significant weight loss.

Mommy Makeover

While pregnancy can be a beautiful and wondrous experience, many women long for the body they had before they became a mom. Dr. Patrick Maxwell’s and Dr. Jacob Unger’s Mommy Makeover customizes a set of cosmetic surgery procedures to refresh your appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding.