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What Can Liposuction Do for Me?

Published on April 21, 2017 by

Dr. Patrick Maxwell has pioneered several advanced liposuction techniques and has used his skill and expertise to provide countless patients with beautifully contoured bodies. With liposuction, Dr. Maxwell can provide your body with a number of aesthetic benefits.

Problem areas around your body like love handles, saddlebags, and bra rolls can be easily treated with liposuction. Smaller pockets of unwanted fat under your chin, on your neck, and in other areas of your face can be precisely treated with liposuction. When used across the whole body, liposuction can give you an amazing curvaceous figure.

Contact Maxwell Aesthetics to schedule a consultation for your liposuction procedure. The professional level of care we provide will ensure the success of your procedure and the quality of your results.